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Tee Stoudemayer is the Owner and CEO of Red Lab Lawn Care, LLC.

Tee Stoudemayer, founder of Red Lab Lawn Care, LLC., brings over 8 years of industry expertise, supported by degrees in Turfgrass Management, all while embodying a deep commitment to family values and integrity.

"Tee of Red Lab is literally an expert in the field of Turfgrass management. He is knowledgeable of the latest and best methods for our sod here in the Upstate region and within the 1st treatment already used his experience to save us money with different, research proven methods. If you're serious about having a pristine lawn with a personal touch give him a call."
About Tee

Tee Stoudemayer, the visionary founder and operator of Red Lab Lawn Care, LLC., embodies a profound passion for lawn care and a commitment to family values. Tee's journey in the industry spans over 8 years, during which he cultivated extensive experience and honed his expertise in Turfgrass Management, holding both a master's and bachelor's degree in the field. His decision to establish Red Lab Lawn Care was not only driven by a dedication to delivering premier lawn care services but also by a devotion to his family. Tee's love for his wife, Carlie, and their daughter, Ellie Rae, serves as a driving force behind the company's core values of integrity and hard work. Tee's story is a testament to the harmonious balance of professionalism, expertise, and unwavering family values that define Red Lab Lawn Care.

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